El Campello


El Campello enjoys a local ‘steppe’ climate with very little rainfall throughout the year, pleasant summer months perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the beach, and mild winter months that are ideal for playing golf or discovering the cosy, sun-soaked outdoor eateries. The annual average low and high temperature typically varies from 7°C/45°F to 30°C/87°F.


Around 28,000 people call El Campello their home, however, the town's population significantly increases during the summer months, making it an even livelier place. There is a small ex-pat population, but the town retains its unique Spanish charm.


Originally, a farming and fishing village, the economic sector in El Campello today primarily depends on tourism, construction, and related industries.


El Campello's long coastline includes numerous bays and landscaped beaches including the playa Lanuza to rocky, secluded bays like the Coveta Fumà, to golden beaches such as the Muchavista. The Blue Flag Carrel La Mar is the main city beach.

Educational Institutes

The Fundación Nuestra Señora De La Piedad and Centro Privado de Enseñanza Fundación Antonio Bonny are private educational institutes within El Campello. Nearby Alicante and Playa San Juan offers private education facilities like King’s College, Nazareth and El Valle.


The town's marina has a sailing and yacht club, called the Marine Club. The Club De Golf Bonalba and Alicante Golf are two of the region's best golf courses that are very close to El Campello. There are numerous courses North and South of Alicante within an hour’s drive.

Medical Facilities

The Clínica HLA Vistahermosa and Dr. Félix Ruiz De La Cuesta Juste are two private hospitals that are accessible within 15 minutes by car from El Campello. One of the region's biggest private medical centres, the Hospital IMED Levante is a 30-minute drive away.


The Centro Comercial Carrefour San Juan de Alicante, located 6 kilometres from El Campello, is a one-stop-center for accessing a variety of stores, including luxury names and designer labels, which range from fashion to electronics to home goods. Alicante itself offers a wealth of luxury, trendy and unique shopping experiences.


El Campello is The town for traditional Alicante delicacies such as ragout variations like el bollitori and la olleta borda, and the seafood la Fideuà. Some of the Michelin restaurants located in and around the area are Brel, La Vaqueria, Els Vents, Pópuli Bistró, Baeza and Rufete, and Maestral.


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